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Free Antivirus By Facebook

 No worries About The Budget ....!

  Facebook has partnered with several antivirus software companies to launch a special page devoted to keeping users safe on social networks. The new Facebook Security page features tips, information on threats, a security quiz, and free antivirus software downloads.

The Antivirus Marketplace offers the following software for download: McAfee Internet Security (PC), Microsoft Security Essentials (PC), Norton Antivirus (PC and Mac), Trend Micro (PC and Mac), and Sophos Antivirus (Mac). Six months of free updates are included with each download, but users are limited to just one free antivirus application per Facebook account.

 hey then took the deal a step further, gaining each of Facebook’s 800+ million users FREE AntiVirus software for 6 months from a great selection that boasts titles from TrendMicro, McAfee, Microsoft, Norton and Sophos.

                                    To get antivirus follow these steps.

1:Log to Facebook and go to this link.

2: Select your Antivirus and Choose Download Button.
    **some of them can be downloaded  in some  particular countries
         So you should Hide Your IP (Platinum IP Hider)

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