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Password Protected SMS (Text Encryptor & Decryptor)

In modern telecommunication era, text message sending (SMS) is the the most popular method among teenagers. Low cost, ease of use and lack of complexity may be the reasons for that. Most of us have the ability to type a message within few seconds on phone without even looking the keypad. It is true that SMS are so popular and widely used, but we cannot ensure security of the messages we receive and send. Anyone can read all your messages if they get your phone. Have you ever thought that what if there's a method where you can secure your received messages to your mobile phone. For the first time in the world you will be able to secure your text messages in your mobile phone with a highest privacy and safety. This is still in experiment mode. This technology has been discovered by three youngster school boys who are from a South Asian country, Sri Lanka. The new technology is named as TED.
TED, “Text Encryptor & Decryptor” mobile application will allow you to secure your text messages in your phone. You will experience the best privacy control for your messages from this application. Yet, this application, TED can be used only in java enabled (compatible) phones. But the drawback here is that to gain benefit from this, both sender and receiver should install TED to their mobile phones. You will receive a user account and password when TED is installed for the first time on your mobile. When you will receive a SMS then the same SMS will also receive to TED account. So owner should need to login to the Ted account to read & view the received messages. The messages you received to your mobile phones are completely limited to you. Only you can read the messages. If unknown tries to read the messages, it is useless as he won’t be able to read it because the messages would display an encrypted form of text such as secret codes. Those who use TED will receive this wonderful and amazing security and privacy for his mobile phone. The all compliments should go to the three students who created this valuable application named Roshnal, Adeesha and Chamath.The below is the official website for this application.
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